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Drinking system

From the first day  to the cycle end

Drinking system

• Various ways of drinker system
• Keep dry surface combining nipples and drip cups
• Set a water supply using pressure reducer
• Easily clean a drinking line
• Lift short or long line using manual or automatic winches

Floor watering system system for poultry

To achieve the optimum performance from your birds, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water. To achieve this, a reliable water supply must be avaiable.It has to be free from contamination and within easy reach of the birds. Jomapeks satisfies all these requirements in an ideal way. The combination of nipple and drip cup ensures a dry manure. The right height depends on the size of animals. They should have to stretch slightly to reach.

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Floor watering system system for poultry

Drinking elements

The drinking elements are supplied as sections of 3 meters, one section consist of metal supported profile, PVC pipe of 3 meters, nipples and connectors for metal and plastic pipes.

Breather unit

Breather unit is used for holding pipes and also flushing lines.


Drinking lines are suspended by hangers. Hangers are connected with ceiling pulleys with central hosting cable. Drinking lines can be winched up through manual and automatic winches.

Main water supply with Dosatron

Main water supply is first important unit of rational distribution of drinking water in poultry house. Optimum water quality increases the service life of drinking systems. The medicator works without energy for the supplement of vitamins or medicines.

At JOMAPEKS we pay special attention to each individual customer in order to achieve the best mutual investment solutions.

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Jomapeks drinking system offers simplified adjustment for use from the first day to the cycle end.

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