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Power management

From the first day  to the cycle end

The company JOMAPEKS Ltd we design, manufacture and install equipment for poultry and livestock farms.

Consider to our motto ”COMPLETE RANGE OF FARM EQUIPMENT IN ONE PLACE” we completing our offer with other elements of equipment necessary for the good functioning of environmental parameters in modern farms.

We complete our product range offer with import of equipment from well known manufacturer from EU country.

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Jomapeks Solutions

Microcontroller Jomapeks farm solution is touch screen poultry controller which has managament all parameters responsible for good enviroment in poultry farm. Microcontroller is consist of 3 temperature/humidity sensor Microcontroller is user friendly, has production curve and possibility that user only put number of birds in house and program will determine everything else needed for management.Available on different languages, Microcontroller Jomapeks Solutions within its structure contains:

    • 10/7” Touch screen
    • Temperature and humidity probes
    • Module with min. ventilation regulation Alarm station

The computer also offers additional modules on request as:

  • Alarm with light station
  • UPS
    PC Solutions program management with router, which allows management with multiple objects
  • Silo weighing system
  • Birds scale
  • Measuring water consumption



A properly controlled climate improves your animal’s performance and saves energy costs for ventilation, heating and lighting with Fancom’s new Lumina 37 and Lumina 38, controlling a profitable climate was never easier.

At JOMAPEKS,we pay special attention to each individual customer in order to achieve the best mutual investment solutions.

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Jomapeks feeding system offers simplified adjustment for use from the first day to the cycle end.

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