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Feeding and drinking


The basic strategy of the company Jomapeks the development and introduction of modern time the most effective technology in combination with high standards quality,best service and offer the best technological solutions.We design,deliver and install equipment of pig farm.

Correct attitude and compromise of quality,price and after sale service correct results in a very good relationships with our customs even before the contracts will ratify.The flexibility of our program provides the opportunity to meet small individual claims and do the projects with the big requirements and capacity.

With our potential customers perform technological consultation,we make preliminary technological project which is the basis for a major construction project.Insight into out customer reference list gets real confidence in our skills,experience and quality products and equipment.A wide range of products,models and components give us the opportunity for meaningful offer to our customers who have a pig farm.

Based on years of experience and professional work we propose and design a complete automation system of feeding,watering,ventilation,heating,cooling as well as complete control of environmental parameters at all stages of production on hog farms.

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Cross conveyor

Jomapeks produces complete cross conveyor systems.


For chain system Ø 60 mm

  • Drive Unit
  • Stainless Steel (AISI 304)
  • Steel wheel HD
  • Two electromechanical safety switch (Control of the cover and chain tension)
  • Gear motor 2,2 kW
  • 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz, 35 upm
  • PU: 2 pcs. / pallet
  • Disc made of special glasfiber polyamid color black
  • Disc- Ø: 44 mm
  • Disc distance: 71,5 mm
  • For Ø 60 mm tube
  • For drive unit PREMIUM and PLUS
  • PU.: 50 mtr/ bag | 800 mtr / pallet
  • Hardened steel without conveying direction

Drinking system

A wide range of drinker for weaners, fatteners and sows.


  • Maximal water consumption while minimal waste
  • Warm material that maximizes the number of animals that use it
  • Flow can be adjusted to the pressure of the installation to ensure that the animals are not frightened and do not get wet when the nipple is activated
  • Easy for cleaning

Feeding system

Main advantages:

  • Best utilization of food with minimal waste
  • Feed slides easily through the hopper without creating caves
  • Small animals can adapt to feeders easily
  • Only need to be recharged once or twice a day
  • Easy for animals to reach feed without the need to trigger mechanisms

Feeder for fattening Star V

Feeder for fattening Swing R

Feeder for fattening

Feeder for piglet

Inox feeder for piglet first

Weener feeder with 5 months

At JOMAPEKS we pay special attention to each individual customer in order to achieve the best mutual investment solutions.

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Jomapeks feeding system offers simplified adjustment for use from the first day to the cycle end.

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