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Climate control

Get better circulation of air using air inlets

Creating optimal ambient conditions in the farm is extremely important for achieving the best results and a quality environment for birds.

By this we mean creating the right temperature, air quality, air flow and humidity in various climate conditions!

Light traps – Fully reduction of light on farm!

Air Inlet Joma 1800

Air Inlet Joma 3600

Light Trap

Mobile Cooler


Water heater NW50

Fans and shutters

Keep optimal temperature in farm using wall and roof fans during summer and heaters during winter time

Air inlets

A system that provides a constant, even supply of fresh air to the building in all conditions.

It stops the cold air from falling on animals and the litter stays nice and dry, avoiding foot problems. The animals stay healthy, grow better and improve constant growth conditions and uniformity.


  • UV protected and hard materials(abs high quality) suitable for washing.
  • Specially designed air deflector contributes to fast and long-distance air distribution
  • Plastic safety net against birds and rodents reduces the risk of infection
  • The deflector directs the air flow at the required angle
  • The sharp edge of the wing provides a strong flow of air
  • The curved wing leads the air flow to the ceiling
  • If condition requires maximum air flow through inlets,air is coming from bottom side also
  • Mounting brackets allow easy and quick installation
  • Adjustable spring / summer opening
  • Fastening and guiding the rod / rope



Cooling panels are made of first-class cellulose paper that forms a beehive-like structure in order to increase the contact area between water and air passing through the wall of the hive.

The special paper from which the cooling panel was made, is coated with odorless resin and has been treated with special care in advanced technology production facility.

Special wavy shape of sheets of paper that intersect at a symmetrical angle to the air flow, gives high cooling performance with minimal pressure drop.

Water heater

Water heating

Water heater is innovative solution for livestock facilities.


  • Structure resistance to aggressive environments
  • Can be cleaned with compressed air
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduces moisture level in a facility
  • Three-row heat exchanger
  • Lowered CO2 value on the litter level
  • Does not utilize oxygen, does not produce CO2

Light trap

Light traps in farms are produced from PVC or polyethylen,UV proof,in segments dimension 160x250x50mm.


  • fully reduction of light in farm where ever its needed;
  • possible production and assembling on customer’s request;
  • easy installation manufactured from PVC or polyethylene in black color;
  • easy cleaning due to possibility of complete disasembilng;
  • airflow:16.500 m3/m2
  • it is used on air inlets as well on fans for air outlet.

At JOMAPEKS we pay special attention to each individual customer in order to achieve the best mutual investment solutions.

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