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Feeding system

From the first day  to the cycle end

Jomapeks feeding system offers simplified adjustment for use from the first day to the cycle end. Integral dispenser windows allow easy access for one day old chick. Total system feed depth adjustment and waste elimination. Dual microswitches design for operation and emergency, providing constant fresh feed supply. Innovative feeding line rotation offering fast and easy high pressure cleaning.

Jomapeks offers a wide range of automatic poultry industry equipment. We provide the best solutions for individual requirements with the guarantee of optimal production results. Our feeding systems are manufactured to a high quality, using durable materials designed to ensure optimal feed distribution with minimal wastage.

All components are made from superior virgin polypropylene and high grade steel to ensure extended longevity. Drive units are equipped with motor protection switches and electronic level control sensors and our lower hopper funnels are manufactured in stainless steel as standard.

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Silos construction

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Only innovative and reliable materials are used in our Silo construction to produce air tight, highly insulated units offering limited condensation exposure and low atmospheric reaction for improved longevity. We offer Silo capacities of 2 – 43 tonn. Manufactured in twinned vertical sections, they are supplied complete with tubular steel legs, safety ladder, sealing top lids or ground operated opening lids, translucent level gauge, stainless steel silo connection complete with transmission bearing and closing plate. Gravity fed 440 mm diameter outlets for flex auger or screw conveyors. Metallic silos are available on request.

Cross conveyor

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Jomapeks produces complete cross conveyor systems.

Flex auger system components:

  • Drive unit
  • Auger
  • PVC pipes and bends
  • Silo connection

All accessories to complete the system. Jomapeks uses only certified quality raw materials.

Sizes available are:

  • 55 – 60 – 75 – 90 – 125 pipe diameters.

For specific customer requirements, our production department can customize internal and external diameters and pitch of the auger.

Motor capacities and gear system speeds can be varied to accommodate differing loads (feed, cereals and pellet)  from 1 – 5 tonnes per hour.


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When it comes to the production of the parent flock, there are a number of conditions that should be met in order to obtain quality chickens, and one of the most important is a restrictive feeding in order for the parent flock to progress in a uniform manner,especially after 18 weeks of rearing,when there is a fusion of males and females in the farm.

Jomat breeder male for feeding roosters.

The Jomat breeder female feeder has a grill that prevents roosters from accessing food.

Jomat breeder RE feeder with restriction intended for rearing and exploitation of breeders.


At JOMAPEKS we pay special attention to each individual customer in order to achieve the best mutual investment solutions.

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Jomapeks feeding system offers simplified adjustment for use from the first day to the cycle end.

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